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Alien Intrusion

Back in October of 2017, my family's church was blessed to be able to welcome Gary Bates, the CEO of Creation Ministries International, to speak. My father has been an avid follower of the science supporting Creation for decades, and my brother and I were both raised in a home that thoroughly supported and affirmed the concept of Biblical Creation. As a child, it boggled my mind that there were people who weren't on board with the idea of Creation as truth, because I had always had all the available evidence available to me. As an adult, I realize how difficult it is to bring the truth to people who have been brought up with a wildly different worldview.

One of the things that fascinates humans, particularly in the Western world, is the idea of life on other planets. Science Fiction has built off of this interest and in many cases fed it, and we now have a society that is full of reports of close encounters of all kinds. Gary Bates wrote a book on the subject, called Alien Intrusion. It's the only book with a basis in Creation to ever reach the top fifty best selling books on Amazon. In it, Bates goes over all of the mounting evidence regarding so called close encounters, and explains exactly why it all points to the legitimacy of genuine spiritual warfare in the world.

Now, the original publication of Alien Intrusion was back in 2005, but the topic has only grown more relevant. So relevant, in fact, that Creation Ministries International made a film. The film, also entitled Alien Intrusion, comes out in theaters on January 11th for a special one-night-only event. While Gary Bates was visiting Washington State to speak to our church, he spent quite a bit of his trip at our house. On Sunday afternoon, in between his talks, he said, "You know, if you've got an HDMI cable, I've actually got an early cut of the film on my laptop." Needless to say, we located an HDMI cable right away. So, completely unplanned, I was able to watch a pre-screening of the film Alien Intrusion with my parents and the film maker himself.

I know that documentaries can get a bad rap for being boring, and I've dozed off during my fair share, believe me, but Alien Intrusion is *not* boring. Gary Bates is well aware that people may be disinclined to believe him due to his Christian faith, so he made sure the information in the film stood up to every test. There are legitimate people who have experienced close encounters providing their witness testimonies. There are scientists and experts from all different areas within the field providing facts regarding the epidemic of alien abduction stories and the spiritual warfare that those stories all point to. There's a fascinating consistency within the variety of stories, even going back in human history to before we gave any thought to what might be in space.

Whether you believe in God or not, whether you're born again or not, and whether you believe in aliens or not, Alien Intrusion is for you. This isn't a documentary pointing to a bunch of evidence and doing nothing with it. There are plenty of other alien documentaries that already give you information and questions without providing any answers. Alien Intrusion provides answers on a foundation of undeniable legitimacy. Even if you're just a little bit curious, you should see it. Take your family, take your friends, and bring all the believers and skeptics you know. Alien Intrusion is for everyone, and trust me, it's worth it.

Also, just as an aside, John Schneider narrates, and his voice is so authoritative and soothing. It's the perfect icing on this extra-terrestrial cake.

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