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Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving is a holiday traditionally spent with family, enjoying a meal and talking about all they have to be grateful for. In the past, my family has invited friends over, co-workers, and people who didn't have local family from our church. Some Thanksgivings stick out more than others, such as the time in England when we invited over my father's entire department from work. I brought my best friend, who's English, and upon hearing it was a potluck she insisted on bringing something. That year we had table centerpieces of little bowls full of Maltesers, courtesy of my best friend buying a bag in bulk to share for the holiday.

I've always really enjoyed Thanksgiving, but every year I inevitably find myself being asked what I'm grateful for without having put any real thought to it, despite knowing that the question would be coming. I'm hoping to preempt that potential problem by writing down some of the things I'm most grateful for, even if they aren't all technically contained to this past linear year.

First and foremost, I'm thankful to God for all that He's allowed me to do and the things He's taught me. I'm grateful for the ability to attend the new BSF study of Revelation this year, and thankful that He allowed me the chance to move to Washington in the first place. I'm thankful for what He's shown me that's allowed me to grow over the past year or so, and I look forward to seeing that continue into the new year.

That flows right into being thankful for my family, which has been especially true this year. I'm thankful for my Mum, for being willing to fly down to Dallas last fall to drive up to Washington with me so I could move up here to join them. I'm thankful for my Dad, for always being willing to discuss hard issues with me. I'm thankful to both of my parents for supporting me so I could write full time after I decided to leave Texas. I'm thankful for my brother, and how we've been able to keep up communication while he's been away at school.

I'm especially thankful for my friends, more so in the last year or two than probably ever before. I'm so incredibly grateful for my best friends in Texas for their willingness to listen when I needed to vent, and their ability to kick me in the right direction when I couldn't see what that was. I'm thankful to my best friend in Maryland for continuing to be a constant presence in my life, whether we're discussing something important or menial. I'm thankful to still be in contact with my best friends from England, and that I'll be able to see them both in 2016. I'm grateful for the friends I've made in Washington, who've helped introduce me to the area.

There's a lot of little things I'm thankful for too. I'm thankful that Scrivener is a program that exists. I'm thankful for every writing conference I was able to attend this year. I'm thankful for everything I've learned as a freelancer. I'm thankful for the people at my church. I've grown thankful for coffee, more so than I would have expected. I'm thankful for the concerts I was able to attend this year. I'm grateful for the books I've been able to read, all the writing I've accomplished, and the crafts projects I've completed.

I've been in Washington for a little over a year, most of which I spent writing. Next year, I look forward to seeing how my life has changed and grown, and where I am then. Until then, have a happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your loved ones!

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